Kids' Bathroom Remodel

I'm finally sharing some photos of our mini bathroom remodel. Here's my disclaimer(s) though. First of all, I'm calling this a "mini" bathroom remodel because we have plans to gut the entire thing along with the master bathroom and create a larger en suite. Because of that, I didn't want to spend too much on this remodel with things like new flooring, countertops or a tiled shower and just worked with what we had. Secondly, the remodel isn't technically complete because we ordered all new interior doors that won't be here for two (long) months so it doesn't look completely done. I also have a few finishing touches I want to do. I will probably do an update again once I feel like it's done (and maybe when I finally figure out how to take good pictures of a weird angled bathroom with terrible lighting... tips anyone?)

This is our hall bathroom that the kids and guests use. I wanted it to be colorful and fun, especially with a temporary remodel, because I could! Without further ado, here is what the bathroom looked like BEFORE. Black trim, black vanity cabinets, butter yellow laminate countertops, trellis vinyl flooring and cheesy, builder light fixtures.

The first thing I did was make a design board so I could visualize what I wanted. Here's what I came up with and I feel like the vision really came together the way I wanted. 

I sanded and painted every last surface of this room - no lie. The baseboards and trim were painted black so I sanded and painted all those bright white. It was a messy job, but someone's gotta do it!


The walls needed a ton of patching so I ended up just skim coating and sanding the walls (with David) and they look a lot better since they're not as textured. This is what it looked like mid-project when I was COVERED in drywall dust.

The sink vanity had the same terrible black painted cabinets that we have in the kitchen... and the same cabinet hardware. They are NOT good quality and I wish we could have ripped them apart but it'll have to wait for a full remodel. This is after I had removed the "unique" 70s hardware.

I decided to try my hand at the painted concrete countertops that I've seen and I think they turned out great for a temporary fix. I wouldn't do them if this bathroom was a permanent remodel though, but that's my personal opinion. I used a combination of this tutorial and this one and they were both really helpful. It really was easy (albeit pretty messy) and I think anyone can do it. I think we had the ideal countertops to start with since they were smooth 70's laminate. 

I also bought a pair of these stools from IKEA and painted them kelly green. 

I apologize for the shadowy pictures. I need a wide-angle lens (I think) and this room is difficult to photograph because of the funky angles. I also had just wiped a spot on the countertops that was still wet so just pretend that's not there cause it normally isn't. Anyway, this is pretty much what it looks like, except I'll be changing a couple of things: new bulbs for the vanity fixture, possibly new faucets if I can find a good price on something I love, new closet and room doors, a new heating vent plate, put on the schoolhouse light fixture shade, fill frames with art... but you get the idea, right?

So, the flooring... remember how I said it was vinyl? Well, it wasn't in the budget to replace it with tile or anything so I just painted it with Benjamin Moore's Floor + Patio Porch Paint in Gull Wing Gray. It went on so smooth and was actually really fun to paint! I just deglossed the floors before and painted it on. I am a huge fan!

For the trim, stool and vanity I used Benjamin Moore's Advanced Line... that stuff is awesome! I've tried painting furniture several times and it always dries sticky and streaky. This stuff is magic! It's kind of pricey but totally worth it. I will never use anything else. It goes on like oil and cleans up like latex. The color for the vanity is Cabana Blue.

This shower curtain is kind of the main inspiration for the colors in the bathroom. I wish I could photograph it better but because of the weird alcove that the shower's in, it's hard to photograph. Just trust me - it looks awesome in there! 

Well, that's all (for now!) folks!