How E-Design Works: Emily's Entry

For those of you who are a little unsure about e-design and how it works, here's an example of an entry that I recently completed. I'm going to not share all the sources to be fair to my client, but I hope you'll get the general idea. If you have additional questions, please e-mail me.

So, here's how it works: 

1. My client, Emily, had a dilemma with the entryway in her home in Arizona so she filled out the questionnaire on my "Services Page" here and provided me all the information to get started. Emily's family has small children (and a new puppy!) and her entry was sorely lacking personality and functional storage. She described her style as a mix of modern + traditional and sent me these inspiration photos via her Pinterest board. 


2. I wrote Emily back and asked her a few questions for more information to complete the design. Part of the e-design process involves communicating your needs for the space, your budget, the styles you like (that's why a Pinterest board is really helpful for me to understand you), and any furniture that you currently have that needs to be worked around, or that you want for the space. Emily told me that she wanted a mirrored console table for the wall by her stairs, along with a chair, but she said that she has trouble sourcing items and knowing how to put them together (luckily, she asked me for help!).

3. Emily e-mailed me "before" pictures of the space and also provided some rough estimates. She also told me she didn't want to paint the walls. While discussing the function that she needed out of the space, she said that she wanted some sort of storage unit behind the door area. Living in Arizona doesn't call for a ton of coat and rain boot storage so she wanted to keep it pretty simple. 

4. Once I had all the information I needed from her, I sent her an invoice via PayPal and once she paid me I got to work on the design board (which is delivered within one week of payment). From there, I created a PDF including the visual board, sources + links of each item and layout suggestions. Here is the (simplified) design board I sent Emily. Again, I'm trying to be respectful to my client by not providing too much information or sources. 

Behind the door, I suggested that she put this Manor Hall Tree Entryway Storage Unit with a bench and two drawers. The art deco style trim perfectly complimented the credenza design and was the perfect size for her small space behind the door, while still allowing her to have access to her light switches. 

I suggested an indoor/outdoor rug for the floor and colorful pillows to brighten the white chairs with their traditional floral pattern, done with a modern flair. I also suggested a large statement piece of art that would take up a lot of space on the large wall to give her the most visual impact upon entering the home. 

I also included a simple layout detailing how I envisioned the design to look. Admittedly, my graphic skills aren't the best but I am working hard at learning Illustrator, which is why my prices are the cheapest you'll find in the biz right now! I'm hoping to be able to increase my prices down the road for all these hours of work. 

layout design

5. Emily e-mailed back, "Thank you! This looks awesome! It totally fits with the feel that I'm going for. I'm excited to start gathering the pieces and making it happen." She didn't have any requests for revisions this time but if she had, the price includes one round of revisions. And that's it!!!

I'm going to be doing a giveaway soon for a custom design board so keep your eyes peeled for how to enter to win!