feminine office

For the last couple of months, I've been working with a client on a few spaces in her new house. She was ready to freshen up her home after years of rich tones and espresso wood, over-sized furniture. She still wanted traditional aspects but wanted to add some modern style to her home. Completing the design for her main living area was a challenge as her husband is an art collector of very interesting pieces. We tried to incorporate as much of the art as we could, while still being true to what she likes. While she was happy with the overall design, she was feeling exhausted with the process of making so many concessions to accommodate his art into the design. I really wanted her to have a space that felt like her OWN. 

We moved upstairs to look at a few other things and decided to make the large landing at the top of the stairs into an office and decided this space would be hers in style and function. I wanted it to feel warm and inviting with lots of feminine touches where she could feel like it was for her

The inspiration for the office started with this beautiful rug from West Elm. I love all the pink and gold tones with the antique Persian style. It felt like the perfect rug as the starting off point. From there, I chose a Magnolia Home paint color called "One Horn White".  Then I added in a small scale desk with a task lamp, feminine curtains with a touch of velvet embroidery on the top that complements the rug design perfectly. Here are a few inspiration images.

My client also wanted a reading nook on the opposite wall with a chair and bookcase. I made it cozy with this beautiful linen tufted chair, a Moroccan pouf, Aztec pink pillow and a gold sunburst mirror. She feels like she has a space that feels personal to her and I can't wait to see it all put together once the furniture arrives. I hope to take some pictures and share them here!